New ChatBot System

Communicating with Big Save just got WAY more efficient!

Here at Big Save, we thrive to always give the best customer support possible! We want our customers to feel valued and heard. We want you to be answered instantly without any delays or lags. It was therefore a no brainer to introduce our brand new ChatBot which will be changing the way we communicate with you for the BETTER!

Whether you’re using WhatsApp (057 814 5958), Facebook or our Website, you’ll get what you need instantly by chatting to our automated ChatBot. All you have to do is send a message on either of these platforms and follow the prompts shown to you. For example, let’s say you want to download the most recent Birthday specials at our Mabopane branch. You simply message “Hi” on any of the platforms mentioned above and you will get an automatic response asking you to reply with the number 1-6 according to what information you would like. Since you want the specials, you would reply with the number “1” that reads “Latest Retail Specials”. The ChatBot will then ask you which store you would like to view. You would then respond with “3” as that is the option for Mabopane. Lastly, you will be asked which special you would like and you would select “1” for the Birthday Specials. The Birthday specials pamphlet will then be sent to you directly via WhatsApp, Facebook or through our website’s chat system. All of this was done automatically by YOU without having to wait for any employees to respond.

Other ChatBot Features:

Not only can you find and download specials using our ChatBot, but you can also ask about:

  • Store locations & contact details
  • Operating hours
  • Job Enquiries
  • Stokvel Enquiries

Customer Support:

The ChatBot works as an automatic response service, however if you would like to ask any other questions that our ChatBot might not be able to answer you may simply press 3 for customer support. We will ask for your name and you will be handed over to one of our freindly customer support employees who will be able to help you with any further questions you may have.

Now go give it a try yourself!

Big Save, Good Life!


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