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Dear reader

You may have heard that as of the 1st July 2021, the Protection of Personal Information Act in South Africa will be in effect and this means that we need to check in with you and give you the option to opt out of any future mails from us. If that’s what you prefer, we’ll miss you of course, but we understand. You can click here or send as an email at [insert email] to unsubscribe, if you have difficulty please email me and I will assist but we will be sad to see you go. The “opt-out” link will, however, always appear at the bottom of every newsletter or notification sent to you, so that you may exercise your right to opt-out at any time going forward.

By providing Big Save with your personal information and/or continuing to use Big Save’s various products or services, you consent to Big Save processing your personal information which Big Save undertakes to process strictly in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Rest assured that we collect data by opt-in subscription only. We take the utmost care in collecting, storing and using the personal information submitted and will never sell or share your details. You can visit our Privacy Policy and related Terms and Conditions at https://bigsave.co.za/.

If you are happy to remain on our mailing list, no action is required. You will continue to receive the content you enjoy, including newsletters, promotions, competitions and product brochures.

Until next time.
Stay safe.
Tony Ferreira Group CEO


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