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Big Save Stokvel Road Show 2015
Big Save Benefits to Stokvel Groups:

¨ Your money is 100% guaranteed  and secure at Big Save, there are NO extra charges and your money is safe.

¨ You’re always welcome to request a balance or statement of your Stokvel account at any time. It is advisable to request a copy of your statement every month as some Stokvel Members are not loyal and they do not pay.

¨ You receive great discounted prices as a group and also as an individual.

¨ Quotations are always available.

¨ Big Save will pre-pack your orders for you.

¨ Big Save buys products in bulk so that you can get the lowest prices all the time.

¨ Stock is always available.

¨ Transport is available and the price will be charged according to the distance.

¨ At Big Save you will receive the best customer service and attention from a willing team.

To find out more about Big Save Stokvels Service contact our HR Administrators:

Big Save Evaton
 Name: Fortunate Nkhatho
Email: fortunate.nkhatho@bigsave.co.za
Store Tel: 016 000 0029

Big Save Hammanskraal
Name: Emily Legodi
Email:  emily.legodi@bigsave.co.za
Store Tel: 012 711 1305

Big Save Mabopane
Name: Martha Msimango
Email: martham@bigsave.co.za
Store Tel: 012 701 1661

Big Save Marble Hall
Name: Vanessa Botha
Email:  vanessa.botha@bigsave.co.za
Store Tel: 013 261 2611

Big Save Tshwane Market
Name: Driekie Rothmann
Email:  driekie@bigsave.co.za
Store Tel: 012 325 5066

Big Save Waltloo
Name: Cathrine Rantseli
Email:  cathrine.rantseli@bigsave.co.za
Store Tel: 012 803 2438