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Big Save Good Life Rewards
Good Life Rewards Terms and Conditions 
October 2019
1.1 The following are the standard terms and conditions governing participation in the Big Save Rewards Card Programme (Rewards Programme) by any qualifying person.
1.2 To qualify as a Rewards Programme Cardholder (Rewards Cardholder) a person must be over the age of 18 years.
1.3 Big Save reserves the right to alter or change operational conditions of the Rewards Programme or to terminate it at any point. In the event of Rewards Programme termination, Big Save Rewards Points (Rewards Points) will remain valid for 30 days. Point rewards held on the customer account (Rewards Points Account) will not be affected.
1.4 A person may subscribe to the Rewards Programme and become a Rewards Cardholder by completing the Rewards Programme application process at a Big Save store or downloading the Big Save Application.
1.5 In the event a person wishes to opt-out of the of the Rewards Programme, they may email Big Save at goodlife.reward@bigsave.co.za or contact Big Save Call Centre 012 111 7778 
1.6 Any abuse whatsoever of the Big Save Rewards Card (Rewards Card) by any person constitutes a criminal offence and Big Save reserves the right to cancel such person’s membership and withhold all Big Save Rewards Points from her/his Rewards Points Account. Incorrect or invalid cards or card numbers will not be awarded Rewards Points.
1.7 Being registered as a member of the Rewards Programme irrevocably signifies a person’s agreement to the Terms and Conditions. Big Save, its organisers, promoters, partners or agencies do not bear any responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, injury, accident, and death or asset damage howsoever arising from inclusion or participation in the Rewards Programme.
2.1 A person is required to submit their valid South African ID or Passport Number to register, to transfer Rewards Points, to change personal details or manage Rewards Card and Points. By providing Big Save with their personal information, a person gives Big Save permission to send information regarding the Rewards Programme via telephone, email, post, and physical delivery. 
2.2 A person is responsible for providing the correct and accurate information.
2.3 All personal information relating to a Cardholder will be dealt with in accordance with the privacy policy set out below in clause 8.3.
2.4 By providing Big Save with personal information and by opting-in to communications, a person gives Big Save permission to send information regarding its Big Save Rewards Programme via telephone, email, post and physical delivery.
2.5 A valid cell phone number, and/or postal address, and/or email address will be required from each Rewards Cardholder for all communications. No communication will be sent to phone numbers, postal addresses or email addresses outside South Africa. 
2.6 In the event a person wishes to opt-out of Big Save Rewards communication, such person may contact Big Save’s Call Centre as stated above or change their communication preferences on the Big Save digital channels. Big Save will ensure that it is compliant with the Consumer Protection Act: http://www.legalrights.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/CONSUMER-PROTECTION-ACT-NO.-68-OF-2008.pdf.
2.7 In the case of a Rewards Cardholder’s death: The deceased Rewards Points may be inherited by a family member. The family member needs to provide a written request informing Big Save of the membership details of the deceased and death certificate. All that a relative of the deceased needs to do is write to Big Save’s Customer Service Centre to close the account and request for the points to be transferred to their existing Rewards Card or a new one.  Information to be provided include the member’s name, address and Rewards Card number.
3.1 The Rewards Cardholders will be issued with Rewards Card as an indication of Rewards Programme membership upon validly subscribing to the Rewards Programme.
3.2 The Rewards Card is not transferable to other persons.
3.3 The Rewards Cardholder must present his/her Rewards Card to earn or redeem Points when purchasing eligible products at a Big Save store.
3.4 The Rewards Cardholder may also receive Points as a result of participation in promotional competitions sponsored or organised by Big Save. There may however, be additional terms which shall be brought to the Rewards Cardholder's attention.
3.5 For all lost, stolen or defaced Rewards Cards, a Rewards Cardholder may contact the Big Save customer service manager in-store for assistance, or the Big Save Call Centre as stated above. The person may instruct Big Save to block/deactivate the lost, stolen or defaced card and request a new card. Big Save reserves the right to charge a card replacement fee should a Rewards Cardholder have recurring incidents of lost, stolen or defaces cards. Replacement fee is R15.00.
3.6 It is the responsibility of the Rewards Cardholder to safeguard their Rewards Card to avoid any fraudulent use. 
3.7 A person may only have one active Rewards Card, which is linked to one Rewards Point’s Account. 
3.8 Rewards Points on the Rewards Points Account attached to the lost/blocked/defaced card can be transferred to a new card. Should the Rewards Points attached to the Rewards Points Account have been redeemed in-store before the card is blocked, there can be no recovery of Rewards Point’s value. Big Save cannot be held liable for loss of Rewards Points.
4.1 To earn Rewards Points for transactions, the Rewards Cardholder must present their Rewards Card at Big Save point of sale in order for the transactions to be recorded. If no Rewards Card is presented at point of sale before payment, Rewards Points will not be earned for the transaction. Furthermore, it is not possible to earn Rewards Points retrospectively for transactions in the past where the Rewards Card has not been presented.
4.2 The customer must ensure that their Rewards Card has been captured for all their online shopping transactions, in order to earn Rewards Points for those transactions.
4.3 A person wishing to register for a Rewards Card, can do so by registering at any Big save store.
4.4 The following daily limits shall apply to Rewards Cardholders:
4.4.1 No Rewards Card may be swiped at any Big Save store(s) 5 (five) times or more in the same day.
4.4.2 Rewards Points may be earned on a maximum of 200 items per transaction per day.
4.5 In the event of a dispute regarding the Rewards Programme and the implementation or interpretation of these terms and conditions (including but not limited to the determination of eligible transactions), the decision of and Big Save shall be final and binding upon having given the other party the opportunity to present their case and Big Save giving reasons to their decision.
4.6 Opportunities to earn extra Rewards Points will be given at Big Save’s sole discretion.
5.1 Upon having earned the Rewards Points a person will be able to redeem their Rewards Points in-store to pay for transactions. CAN ONLY REDEEM POINTS CURRENTLY EARNED ON THE NEXT PURCHASE.
5.2 A Rewards Cardholder may choose to redeem all or only a portion of the Points available in his/her Rewards Points Account. Where insufficient Points are available in the account to enable the purchase of an eligible product, the Rewards Cardholder may supplement the Points reward with a cash payment.
5.3 Points may not be redeemed for cash, credit or any other consideration. Points which have not been redeemed prior to expiry of such Points will be lost, and the Rewards Cardholder will have no claim against Big Save in this regard.
5.4 Big Save reserves the right to change the conversion value of Rewards Points at its discretion. 
5.5 Big Save Rewards Points will be valid FROM THE DAY POINTS ARE EARNED FOR 18 MONTHS; however Big Save reserves the right to close any Rewards Points Account that has been inactive for a period of 18 consecutive months. Rewards Points attached to closed Rewards Points Account will be forfeited.
5.6 Rewards Points earned for transactions where goods are later returned will be deducted from the Rewards Points balance on the Rewards Points Account. Returns are subject to the Big Save returns policy.
5.7 In the event of a technical, system(s) or network failure as well as system upgrades, Rewards Point’s allocations and/or cash-off vouchers will not be processed and/or issued retrospectively.
5.8 Points are personal to the Rewards Cardholder and may not be transferred, assigned or sold, and may not be used in conjunction with the Points of any other Rewards Cardholder.
6.1 Vouchers or Cash-off Discounts are available from time to time on email, kiosk & the end of till slips.
6.2 Vouchers or Cash-off Discounts may be redeemed at any Big Save store.
6.3 Vouchers or Cash-off Discounts may only be redeemed with the relevant Big Save Rewards card.
6.4 Vouchers need to be selected at the in-store kiosk and will be redeemed at point of purchase. The voucher needs to be scanned at the till with the eligible products to redeem the applicable voucher. Any vouchers not used will be loaded back to the in-store kiosk and will be available for selection at a later date, provided the voucher is still valid. 
6.5 A confirmation message will reflect on the till slip when a voucher has been redeemed.
6.6 The voucher will only be valid up to the expiry date indicated on the voucher.
6.7 If a Rewards Cardholder has been targeted for a promotion that requires them to spend the minimum amount to get a discount, the Rewards Cardholder will only get the reward if the total value after discounts meets the minimum threshold required. 
7.1 Rewards Cardholders will receive instant savings on selected products in Big Save stores. These promotions will be available for limited periods and from time to time. Please note that not all products are available in all stores and special offers may change without notice. 
7.2 Big Save may change any instant savings offers at any stage.